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Natural Teeth Whitening Solution.

Brighter, Whiter & Shinier Teeth.

Powered by Real Science.

Safe, Clean & Effective.

Product of Malaysia.

We Make You

Smile Better!


The Healthier Choice!

Non-Toxic, Feel-Good Oral Care Products Mindfully Made For Your Mouth.

Innovative Formula. Effective. Best Seller Since 2018.

Get Rid of Yellow Teeth Easily From The Comforts of Your Home!

The ultimate solution for coffee, tea, wine lovers, and smokers. 

Our premium teeth scrub effectively removes stubborn caffeine and nicotine surface stains. 

Experience brighter and healthier-looking teeth in just 2 weeks of use.

See Proof

Naturally and effectively whitens yellow teeth!

Gently polishes without harming enamel health.

Conveniently use at home, just 3 times a week at night.

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Skin Care Approach To Oral Care

Effective, Safe, Affordable, Easiest Way To Get Natural-Looking Whiter Teeth.

We Gave Toothpaste A Major Reboot!

  • A purely new cleansing and brightening experience.
  • Toothpaste never felt this clean, never looked this good.
  • A powerful clean and shine maintenance everyday.

This Is Why GOGY Is Good For You!

We invested heavily on research and development for over 2 years to bring you the best natural teeth brightening solution.

We worked with Malaysian scientists for 12 months formulating about 30++ prototypes with scientifically proven natural ingredients to make effective formulas, supported with care and advice that is right for you and your family.

We conducted over 8 months of dentist-led clinical trials, to prove the effectiveness of our products. All products and ingredients are registered and approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH/KKM).

We do not use any animal-derived ingredients in our products. We are against animal testing and will not enter any market that requires animal testing.

Save and

Smile Better!

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    Happy Kit

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    Good Kit

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    Lucky Duo

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    Confidence Kit

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    Mighty Duo

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    Family Love

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