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Natural Teeth Whitening Solution.

Brighter, Whiter & Shinier Teeth.

Powered by Real Science.

Safe, Clean & Effective.

Product of Malaysia.

We Make You

Smile Better!


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The Healthier Choice!

Non-Toxic, Feel-Good Oral Care Products Mindfully Made For Your Mouth.

Get Rid of Yellow Teeth Easily From The Comforts of Your Home!

Best Seller Since 2018.

  • Best solution for coffee, tea, wine drinkers and smokers.
  • Premium scrub for teeth that removes stubborn caffeine and nicotine surface stains.
  • Cleans, exfoliates and whitens yellow teeth naturally and effectively!
  • Polishes gently without harming or eroding teeth enamel.
  • Easy to use at home - only 3 times a week at night.
  • Noticeably brighter, whiter, shinier and healthier looking teeth after 2 weeks of use.

Tooth Polish

intensive brightening + whitening

helps heal bleeding gums, mouth sores + ulcers

absorbs bad breath bacteria

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Tooth Polish - Sensitive

intensive brightening + whitening

helps ease gums sensitivity + inflammation

absorbs bad breath bacteria

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Skin Care Approach To Oral Care

Effective, Safe, Affordable, Easiest Way To Get Natural-Looking Whiter Teeth.

We Gave Toothpaste A Major Reboot!

  • A purely new cleansing and brightening experience.
  • Toothpaste never felt this clean, never looked this good.
  • A powerful clean and shine maintenance everyday.

This Is Why GOGY Is Good For You!

We invested heavily on research and development for over 2 years to bring you the best natural teeth brightening solution.

We worked with Malaysian scientists for 12 months formulating about 30++ prototypes with scientifically proven natural ingredients to make effective formulas, supported with care and advice that is right for you and your family.

We conducted over 8 months of dentist-led clinical trials, to prove the effectiveness of our products. All products and ingredients are registered and approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH/KKM).

We do not use any animal-derived ingredients in our products. We are against animal testing and will not enter any market that requires animal testing.

Save and

Smile Better!

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