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Our Tubes and Caps are 100% Recyclable.

Tubes are made of LDPE 4 plastic:

LDPE has the simplest structure of all the plastics, making it easy to produce. That’s why it’s mostly used for many types of bags. A very clean and safe plastic.

LDPE is also found in household items like plastic wrap, frozen food containers and squeezable bottles.

More recycling programs are beginning to accept LDPE plastics.

Recycled LDPE is made into such items as garbage cans, paneling, furniture, flooring and bubble wrap.

Caps are made of PP 5 plastic:

PP (Polypropylene): Discovered at a petroleum company in 1951, PP is hard, sturdy and can withstand high temperatures. It’s also considered a safe plastic, and as a result, it’s found in tupperware, car parts, thermal vests, yogurt containers, and even disposable diapers.

While it can be recycled, it’s thrown away much more often.

When recycled, it’s turned into heavy-duty items like pallets, ice scrapers, rakes and battery cables. Many recycling programs accept PP plastic items.

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    No Pain Toothpaste

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    No Stain Toothpaste

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    Tooth Polish

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    Tooth Polish - Sensitive

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