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FAQ - Product/Oral Health

Tooth Polish: A one-of-a-kind intensive stain removal tooth scrub formulated to remove tough surface stains specifically coffee, tea, tobacco stains, making teeth look less yellow.

Toothpaste: Perfect for daily cleaning and maintenance to keep teeth looking bright every day by preserving the polished effect of Tooth Polish.

Both Tooth Polish works effectively in removing caffeine and tobacco stains.

Both contain Bamboo Charcoal and Virgin Coconut Oil which are the key ingredients for:

  • brightening/whitening and detoxing.
  • absorbs the bacteria that causes bad breath.

DIFFERENCE is the additional healing ingredients.

Natural Tooth Polish (black tube) has Clove Oil & Vitamin C:

  • helps heal bleeding gums, ulcers and mouth sores.

Natural Tooth Polish - Sensitive (grey tube) has Organic ECOCERT Certified Propolis from France:

  • helps minimize plaque build-up, cavities and inflammation of gums.
  • suitable for people with SENSITIVE teeth and gums.

Both toothpastes are powerful cleaning and maintenance solutions for daily use.

No Pain Toothpaste: Use every morning. A non-charcoal toothpaste perfect for daily cleaning. Cleans, protects gums, prevents tooth decay and provides long-lasting fresh breath.

No Stain Toothpaste: Use every night. Contains bamboo charcoal to remove mild surface stains. Ideal for maintaining teeth whiteness and gum care.

We replace toxic ingredients in traditional toothpaste with 100% safe, natural alternatives that clean and protect just as well.

After a year of research with scientists, we created toothpaste free from harmful chemicals.

All our products are FREE from: Fluoride, Saccharin, Parabens, Alcohol, SLS, Bleaches, Titanium Dioxide, Triclosan, DEA, Propylene Glycol, Petroleum, Artificial Flavours or Colours...

And …. absolutely NO Animal Testing!

Our products are developed by our founder in collaboration with UPM scientists and tested by dentists - designed to remove surface stains on teeth (extrinsic staining).

We focus on providing a natural solution for adults who want to whiten their yellow teeth easily at home.

We chose to make all our products fluoride-free because many people have told us they become more sensitive or allergic to fluoride as they age.

We don't oppose fluoride—it's beneficial for teeth, especially for children. However, there is already plenty of fluoride in our water and regular toothpaste, and high doses can cause enamel defects like streaks and brown discolouration. Therefore, we offer fluoride-free alternatives for adults.

If adults still want fluoride in their oral care routine, they can continue using other brands' toothpaste.

We even encourage our customers to rotate between our fluoride-free toothpaste and other fluoride-containing options.

Our product targets surface stains (known as extrinsic staining) on teeth. 

It combines Bamboo Charcoal and Virgin Coconut Oil, which bind to rough areas on teeth, including plaque and surface stains, helping to remove tough yellow substances. 

After adhering to teeth, the charcoal effectively lifts away plaque and food particles, polishing teeth without enamel damage. 

Gradually, your teeth regain their original brighter shade as tough stains are removed.

No, it won't cause harm if used as directed on the product label and website.

Each product contains a safe amount of charcoal, making the paste non-abrasive and gentle on teeth and gums. Additional ingredients offer healing benefits.

Our products are developed with scientists at UPM and tested by dentists.

We conducted over a year of RDA tests on various types of teeth to ensure our formulation has the right ratio of ingredients (especially charcoal) to remove stains effectively without harming the enamel. 

An external third-party lab in Penang also tested our product against two other charcoal-based toothpaste products from the US and UK, and ours was the least abrasive.

However, it's important to note that charcoal is a powerful detoxifying agent and, even in small amounts, can be strong for some teeth and gums. 

Using more than recommended may result in side effects listed in our: Safety & Allergy Guidelines

The effectiveness of our products varies based on the individual's unique teeth and the severity of stains.

Since our products use only natural ingredients, results may take longer compared to those containing chemicals or bleaching agents.

Most people naturally have yellowish teeth, and our products gradually remove tough surface stains, making teeth appear brighter, whiter-looking and feel cleaner.

Results vary widely among users; some see improvements in just a few days, while others may take months due to thicker, more stubborn stains.

We highly encourage: Take a photo of your teeth in daylight before using the product. After 2 - 3 weeks, take another photo to see the tooth-by-tooth difference.

Permanent teeth whitening doesn't exist because daily activities cause staining. Even professional treatments by dentists last only a few months.

Since the things we eat and drink stain our teeth, regular maintenance is essential.

Some customers see great results with our products then stop using them. After a few months, their teeth become yellow again from daily consumption, so they start using the products again.

Our products are formulated by our founder with scientists at Universiti Putra Malaysia and tested by dentists.

We conducted over a year of RDA tests on different types of teeth to ensure our formula effectively removes tough stains without damaging the enamel. The results were clear.

An independent lab in Penang compared our product's abrasiveness with two other charcoal-based toothpastes from the US and UK. Our product was the least abrasive.

Our products are manufactured under licenses at a GMP-certified factory in Malaysia.

All of our products are registered and approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM/MOH) for public sale and distribution, as required by law.

KKM/MOH Notification Registration:

Tooth Polish : NOT230804064K
Tooth Polish - Sensitive : NOT230804065K
No Pain Toothpaste : NOT230805562K
No Stain Toothpaste : NOT230804066K

Deciding which product suits you depends on how tough the stains on your teeth are.

Our best-seller is the Tooth Polish range, an intensive stain removal tooth scrub. It's concentrated and strong, so using just a pea-sized amount 3-4 times a week is enough.

You can start with Tooth Polish (choose which one you prefer) to remove stubborn stains that have built up over the years. Then, if you prefer, you can add our toothpaste range for daily maintenance.

If your teeth stains are not very tough, our charcoal-based toothpaste is a good option. It offers gentle whitening and can remove light food stains over time.

However, it won't be as effective on tough, long-term stains. For those, the Tooth Polish range is more suitable.

Unfortunately, stains and discoloration inside the teeth caused by conditions like fluorosis or excessive medication are permanent. These stains are embedded in the enamel and cannot be completely removed by any natural or chemical bleaching treatments.

Our Tooth Polish is effective for removing surface stains (extrinsic staining) on the teeth.

However, many customers with internal stains have found that our Tooth Polish helps brighten their teeth by polishing off the surface stains.

Our high-performance, fluoride free toothpaste range not only cleans well but takes a revolutionary approach to relieving sensitive teeth.

We've added plenty of natural ingredients with healing properties that makes it gentle for all types of teeth especially for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

KKM/MOH does not allow any natural toothpaste without fluoride to make claims related to preventing or reducing cavities. 

That being said, cavities are caused by the bacteria in plaque that eat through our enamel and create a cavity. 

With regular brushing, our toothpaste made from various healing ingredients can help minimize plaque build-up and effectively maintain oral health.

We haven't conducted specific tests on plaque removal or build-up, so we can't officially claim our products achieve this.

However, some of our regular users and team members have noticed much less plaque build-up since using our products.

While we don't claim our products reduce plaque due to lack of scientific proof, some customers have found that they help prevent further plaque or tartar build-up, but not necessarily remove existing plaque.

We highly recommend proper scaling treatment by a professional dentist for the best results in removing plaque or tartar.

Our products are safe for use with braces because they contain only natural ingredients.

Many of our customers with braces use our products and have given us positive feedback. They find that our Tooth Polish cleans their teeth better, removing stains and particles from hard-to-reach areas, such as between braces.

Our recommendation: Use No Stain Toothpaste daily while you have braces. After your braces are removed, use the Tooth Polish daily for about a month to clean and polish your teeth. This will help remove any tough stains and make your newly straightened teeth look cleaner, whiter and shinier.

Our products are safe for all types of teeth because they contain only natural ingredients.

Many of our customers with porcelain teeth have used our products without any issues and have even placed repeat orders.

However, please review our Safety & Allergy Guidelines for more information before using our product.

All our products are safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding because they contain only natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

They are as safe as, if not safer than, your regular daily toothpaste!

However, we recommend reviewing our Safety & Allergy Guidelines for more details before trying our products.

Our products are created with scientists from UPM and tested by dentists.

They are fluoride-free, SLS-free, and all ingredients are KKM registered and approved for safety.

Suitable for all ages, including kids, as they contain only natural ingredients. Many families with children use our products.

However, our charcoal-based whitening products are best for teenagers. Younger kids can safely use our day toothpaste (No Pain Toothpaste) with Coconut Oil and Miswak, which help fight cavities, plaque and tooth decay.

We recommend reviewing our Safety Allergy Guidelines for better understanding.

Our products are created by our Muslim founder in collaboration with scientists at UPM. They are tested by dentists and made in a Malaysian GMP/ISO certified factory.

All of our products use natural ingredients and contain no animal derivatives, alcohol, or SLS. Please see Our Ingredients.

Each ingredient is registered and approved by Malaysia's Ministry of Health (KKM) and classified as safe by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency.

You can find the full ingredients list on each product’s packaging and on our website.

Vegan products:

Non-vegan product (contains propolis):


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