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Real Results

 Dilla from Kuala Lumpur

"This is simple yet powerful. Easy to use and does not irritate at all. I started seeing results within the first 5 days of using it daily. My teeth is so much more brighter now, and love the fact its all natural."

Sabrina from Singapore

"I really thought this is just a temporary fix but the effects really last. Not only has my teeth regained it's brighter shade, even my gums have retained their healthy look."

Ida from Petaling Jaya

"This way is much much much more CHEAPER than going to the dentist to get your teeth whiten!... longer wait perhaps but the result is all my natural teeth colour and not bleached white!!!"

Michelle Lye from Kuala Lumpur

"A truly natural product that works like a charm. In just 2 weeks, I can see results already. I’ve never been more pleased to see that a homegrown product that works just the way it is said to."

Adeline Wong from Kuala Lumpur

"I think Chacology Tooth Polish is a very innovative yet safe invention to keep my teeth looking white & stain free in a natural way! Love it when the charcoal also helps in detoxification while brushing my teeth!"

Eevee Evelyn Wong from Hartamas

"I think Chacology is a really unique and helpful product that has had great practical effect. I'm really glad I came across it. Having much brighter teeth has helped made me much more confident and happy to smile."

Nina from Kota Kinabalu

"I love that it's natural, in paste form and has a mild taste... I already saw a slight difference after my 1st time brush... more so when brushing daily, consistently. It's natural and safe, even my kids use it... they find it fascinating too when the spit out grey foam!"

Shahariz from Kuala Lumpur

"Chacology Natural Tooth Polish really works. Just after the first 2 weeks of using it, I am able to see my teeth getting brighter and looks like my original whiter teeth. Realy satisfied and happy with it. Thanks a lot Chacology!"

Kudsia from Kuala Lumpur

"I love using this Natural Tooth Polish! It leaves my mouth feeling fresh, but best of all I love the way my teeth are super clean after each brush. So smooth that it feels I just got them polished, minus all the discomfort at the dentist’s! Just after 2 weeks I noticed the dark stains on my front teeth is gone!!!"

Zurina Omar from Kuala Lumpur

"I was looking for a natural solution to whitening teeth earlier this year. I came across Chacology at The Hive Ampang and decided to purchase and give it a try. I'm a heavy coffee drinker with persistent yellow brownish stain. It has always been a challenge to find an efficient whitening product. Those whitening toothpaste/mouthwash at the market - never work on me. After 4 weeks of using it diligently every night, I must say I'm quite impressed with the result. The stain on my bottom front teeth has significantly lightened. I love that feeling of clean mouth with fresh breath before I go to bed. All in all, I'm satisfied with the result. I still have a long way to go to achieve that lighter natural shade that I want. I shall keep on using it."

Joyce Mah from Mont Kiara

"Tried Chacology Natural Tooth Polish for over a month and look at my set of white teeth now. My dentist recently quoted RM1,200 for a whitening treatment.. No way! I would rather stick to Chacology.. it works and it’s cheaper!"



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