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Our Story. Our Proof.

This is the story of how a Malaysian-crafted natural oral care brand got "accidently" created in 2017.

Hi, my name is Ida and my story began when I was in my 40s. I noticed my teeth becoming more yellow! We can’t go a day without showing our teeth … when we talk, smile, laugh… So, I was getting worried and feeling very embarrassed of my teeth….

I needed a solution for my problem!

I became obsessed with getting my teeth whiter but didn’t want to use chemical-based products and treatment... I preferred a natural remedy. But nothing I bought online and off-the-counter worked!

I wanted a natural remedy that was simple to use and safe to remove the yellow stains in my teeth. But it was so hard to find a product that worked.

Then a friend told me to research charcoal powder. I bought a jar from an organic store which bakers use to make charcoal buns. I dipped my toothbrush in it to brush my teeth! It worked and I noticed my teeth getting brighter after a few days. But the downside was that it was too messy…. black powder flying all over the sink! The worst part was my gums bled after each use.

So, I started experimenting on concoction that was not harsh on my gums and not messy. I mixed bamboo charcoal powder, virgin coconut oil and a few other ingredients into a paste-like texture.

My sister and I tested it for a few weeks and saw a huge difference! I realized the unique combo of these ingredients made our teeth look whiter and brighter …. shinier too!

The A-Ha moment!

I started wondering …. there’s so many scrubs for skin, how about scrub for teeth? Coffee was the main culprit of my yellow teeth and caffeine can be very hard to remove (even regular toothpaste can't do it)… why not make the paste strong and concentrated to act like a “scrub” to remove the stubborn surface stains. Since there are masks and scrubs for the face and body… Why not for the mouth and teeth? So, I decided to create my own product (it must contain only natural ingredients of course!).

I made small batches for family and friends (especially friends who smoke and can't live without coffee!) to try, even though my amateur concoction was too oily and tasted awful. After a few weeks, everyone saw their teeth getting brighter and whiter.

Sharing it with everyone since yellow teeth is a common problem. 

Stars were aligned when I was introduced to scientists at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), who agreed to improve my formulation. After 12 months of research, many samples, lab tests (including an abrasive test by an independent lab in Penang) and approval from Ministry of Health (KKM) ... our first product - Natural Tooth Polish - was launched in April 2017.

After 2 years of selling just ONE product (which is still our Best Seller till today!) at weekend bazaars around Klang Valley, Penang, even Singapore.... more products were added after months of research and testing (during MCO!!!).

6 years and counting...

Together with my sister Dilla (who designed our logo and packaging), we've been growing this small homemade brand from CHACOLOGY to GOGY NATURAL … from 1 product to 4 products … from 2 countries going on to 4 soon.… over 50,000++ smiling customers and counting!

We want you to have the same joy of smiling happily too!.... So, join us on our journey to make everyone smile better!

  • No Pain ToothpasteNo Pain Toothpaste

    No Pain Toothpaste

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    No Stain Toothpaste

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  • Tooth PolishTooth Polish

    Tooth Polish

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    Tooth Polish - Sensitive

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