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  • We launched CHACOLOGY with 3 types of charcoal-based Natural Teeth Whitening products to solve the problem that every one of us have in common which is stains that make our teeth look yellow.
  • So far, almost 50k customers have enjoyed the benefits of our products with happy smiles.


  • We asked and we listened to our customers tell us about their other oral health problems like bleeding gums, mouth sores, weak enamel, cavities, etc.
  • We researched, tested and developed more oral care products with clean, natural ingredients to help ease these various oral health problems.
  • Since these additional new products are “charcoal-less”, it makes sense to change our brand name.
  • So we decided to remove CHACO (known to many to mean charcoal) to make way for more innovative natural oral care products that are "charcoal-less" for daily use.... it’s actually that simple!
  • GOGY is simply the last part of CHACOLOGY ... we replaced LOGY with GOGY instead because it sounds so much better and easier to pronounce too .... don't you think?
  • As of 23 August 2023, we are known as GOGY NATURAL..... GOGY is pronounced go-gi (like gigi)

Our MISSION remains the same – to make you feel good about yourself, more confident and smile better!


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